Digital Radio Trunking System

Smith Radio owns and maintains north central Pennsylvania's only digital radio trunking system that enables businesses to maintain clear, secure communications in the mountains and valleys of north central Pennsylvania. We have lease options available in VHF multi-site and UHF single site configurations.

What is a digital trunking system?

The digital trunking system extends the communication range of your staff in the field by eliminating the dead coverage areas that are common with cell phones. It effectively doubles the talk range available in typical radio-to-radio communication.

The trunking system is digital, which means businesses can benefit of all the advantages of digital communications, including GPS tracking and secure data transmission.

Benefits of Digital Radio Trunking

Talk where Cell Phones Cannot

The mountainous and sparsely populated region of northern Pennsylvania is not well suited to cell phone communications. Many of the remote locations your field staff work will be without cell service. A mobile VHF or UHF radio connected to Smith Radio's digital trunked radio system overcomes the lack of cell coverage in Pennsylvania's mountains.

In addition incomplete coverage, company cells phones tend to be used for personal calls and entertainment, rather than business use. A mobile radio, in contrast, provides a specialized use and will be less likely to be used for non-business related communication.

Increase Coverage

With a digital trunked radio system, the users dynamically form talk groups with the other radios in your business when one person keys the radio to talk. Each radio communicates with the tower, which then rebroadcasts the signal to the other radios in the talk group. By using the trunked radio system, individual radios only need to be able to communicate with the tower in order to talk with other members in the field, which means you are no longer limited to the distance restrictions inherent with radio-to-radio communication.

Enhance Privacy

Because the talk groups are dynamically allocated based on the available channels on the trunked radio system, communication happens on a variety of channels, making monitoring by third parties much more difficult.

GPS Tracking

Smith Radio's digital trunking system is capable of GPS tracking to enable you to locate your vehicles, safeguarding your staff, equipment, and inventory.

Data Transmission

Transmit information in real-time from the jobsite to the office through Smith Radio's digital trunking system.

To learn how your business can be heard and take advantage of the increased coverage, security, and clarity of digital trunked radio, contact Smith Radio.Click or call 570-323-5360.